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Responsible development of critical resources in Europe

Euro Sun Mining has clear Environmental, Social and Governance commitments that are aligned with internationally recognized standards and goals.

We have achieved our development to date due to our engagement with the local residents, all levels of government, and our commitment to a low-impact approach to mining. This includes using dry-stacking, existing infrastructure, renewable/grid electricity, a closed water management circuit and zero cyanide. We will continue to work hard to maintain our social license to operate and safeguard a lasting socio-economic benefit for years to come.

We are proud to be a leader in the sector and to provide strategic metals to the European Union from the European Union so that member states can take control of their supply chain and have the confidence that their resources are being produced in a responsible manner. 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UNGC launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as ensuring good health and wellbeing, achieving gender equality, and promoting full and productive employment for all. We strongly believe in the positive potential impact of our operations to contributing to these objectives.

Euro Sun Mining has initially aligned its operations to 7 of the SDGs which seek to encourage measures to build a sustainable world. We continue to work towards this vision by embedding our project with integrated initiatives that contribute to those objectives, with special emphasis on our social and natural environment. 

Social inclusion

Economic development

Responsible operations

Social inclusion

  • Local community buy-in and at all administrative levels
  • Local communities actively involved in the mining license design stage to address potential impacts (noise, dust)
  • Most current vendors and consultants from local community and county
  • Company active supports healthcare and physical activity within the local
  • 25% of current workforce are women
  • Committed to improving gender equality across the mine life

Economic development

  • Long-standing mining jurisdiction which values economic development from mining activities
  • Excellent existing logistics and infrastructure 
  • Potential for 25-30 year mine life with strong socio-economic impact
  • 35% of mining royalties go back into local community
  • Generating 1,500 to 2,000 new jobs to support mine

Responsible operations

  • Dry stack tailings (no wet tailings dams)
  • Closed circuit water system reduces ESM’s water use (94.5% recirculated)
  • Column Flotation (no cyanide)
  • Concurrent revegetation minimises water usage and consumption
  • ESM will use 100% power from the local grid (50% renewables, 18% nuclear)
  • 300% more forest to be planted through forestation programme

Our Stakeholders 

To successfully maintain our social licence to operate, a clear and robust stakeholder engagement programme is crucial. It is also critical to our permitting progress to be fully cognisant of the concerns of our local stakeholders ensuring that all constituents are engaged and aware of operational advancements and have a voice in the way the assets are developed.

In addition, we expect to deliver a range of positive impacts. 

  • Local employment opportunities
  • Culture of diversity

  • Training and development

  • Local employment opportunities
  • Culture of diversity

  • Training and development

  • Direct investment into local community

  • Restart of an historic mining region

  • 45% of state royalties go to local communities 35% counties and 20% state

  • Local communities actively involved since the mining license design stage

  • Dedicated stakeholder engagement activities (e.g. local open house meetings)

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy & Plan linked to community concerns

  • Mining license ratified by national government

  • Strict adherence to mining code – tax and royalty

  • Opportunity Agreement signed by county and local governments

  • Concurrent reclamation of mine operations at Colnic Pit followed by Rovina Pit

  • 3 x reforestation programme

Low impact mining

Our low-strip, open-pit mining with close proximity to plant will produce a clean 22% copper concentrate containing high grade gold ( 100g/t)

Our modern processing technology allows us to dry stack our tailings, removing the risks and costs associated with a wet-tailings facility. Co-mingling of waste rock and tailings in dry stacking will eliminate the need for wet tailings storage facilities and dramatically lowers water requirements with lower capital and operating costs.





  • Simple column flotation eliminates need for cyanide and improves recovery whilst being environmentally friendly
  • Closed water management circuit recirculates 95% of water used, reducing our requirement for fresh water


  • Use of existing infrastructure including rail and low cost power
  • Conveying system for waste
  • Renewable/grid electricity


  • Concurrent reclamation of mine operations 
  • Concurrent revegetation of waste areas during operation

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